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Passive (PNR)

Pairing passive noise reduction technology with premium quality

Our range of PNR pilot and passenger headsets have been specially designed and developed to be lightweight, comfortable, durable and easy on the eye. With a variety of options for all budgets, we have taken Passive Noise Reduction technology to its limits. Our SH30-10 caused quite a storm when it was first released and introduced SEHT to the world, it remains to this day our best selling headset and with the unrivalled price and performance it’s not hard to see why.


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Super snug PNR headsets that allow you to move your head freely

Comfort is one of the main considerations for many pilots seeking PNR technology. Traditionally most Passive Noise Reduction headsets were bulky and heavy, contributing to neck pain and headaches. SEHT was born out of a passion to help pilots utilise PNR technology without these common weaknesses, so you’re guaranteed superior, lightweight and blissfully cushioned ear seals. Our SH40-10 headset maximises comfort, with a smaller noise cancelling electret microphone and thinner boom arm to bring the weight on your head down to an astonishing 260 grams.

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What are the advantages of SEHT PNR headsets?

  • We offer a variety of models across all budgets, so there’s something for every pilot.
  • With a focus on lightweight designs, our PNR headsets are perfect for longer journeys.
  • We offer a no quibble 5 year warranty on all of our PNR headsets.
  • Impressive noise reduction at a price point not matched by other brands.
  • Unrivalled support and aftersales service.
  • Easy to clean and designed with durability in mind.
  • Crystal clear radio communication.

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Need advice or further information?

SEHT’s friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions about our products. If you’re unsure if one of our PNR headsets is right for you, or wish to tell us more about your cockpit environment, we’re more than happy to provide recommendations or guidance based on your needs.

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