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Convert your active headphones into a world-class ANR aviation headset

We understand that every pilots needs differ, if you already own a good quality pair of active headphones and wish to use them in the cockpit, our SM-1 headset mic allows you to do so quickly and easily – simply attach our top quality electret microphone and control box to your existing ANR headphones and you are one step closer to take-off. You can then continue to use them as Hi-Fi headphones, such as when you’re making your way through the airport or heading back to your hotel. All you need to do is remove the microphone which is secured by an easy-peel Velcro pad and quick-release tie.

Headset Auxillary Bluetooth Adaptor

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Padded Zipped Headset Bag

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Proven accessories, put through their paces by pilots

As a company established by seasoned pilots, SEHT is committed to serving the aviation sector with the very finest products, from our pioneering PNR and ANR headsets to our sophisticated and affordable accessories. Our goal is to ensure our customers are perfectly prepared for their short or long haul journeys, maximising comfort and concentration levels. Rather than accepting glitchy communications or high-intensity noises, why not take advantage of our high quality accessories to ensure every departure, flight and arrival is as safe and rewarding as can be? You can explore our entire collection of accessories, from Bluetooth adapters to padded zipped bags, ear seals and adapters.

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