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Taking your cockpit environment from bearable to blissfully comfortable

Traditional aviation headsets proved to be bulky, heavy and not particularly durable, with each of these shortcomings having an overall negative impact on a pilot’s concentration levels. At SEHT we’re committed to helping pilots perfect their environment with pioneering headsets that not only fit well and deliver crystal clear communications, but look the part too. Whether you’re regularly taking flight in a heavy commercial jet, a light passenger plane, a light business jet or rotary wing helicopter, we combine leading-edge technology with outstanding comfort, so our customers can perform to the best of their ability.

Active (ANR) Headsets – Unrivalled performance at unbeatable prices

Our ANR range has grown considerably in recent years, with a medley of models offering excellent active noise cancellation. From our eye-catching Carbon Fibre SH40 series to our super lightweight SH10X, our collection of ANR headsets take noise cancelling technology to another level, with prices that, until now, have been unheard of in the aviation sector. Whether you’re looking for a modern headset that can also serve as an introduction to ANR technology, or are tired of headsets that rely on heavy clamping forces to eliminate unwanted cockpit noise, we’re confident you’ll find the exact model you’re looking for on our website.

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Passive (PNR) Headsets – Affordable and stylish with a snug fit

As ANR technology continues to evolve, it’s all too easy to overlook just how impressive passive noise reduction can be. Whether you’re looking for a series of passenger headsets, require a backup travel companion or wish to deliver an excellent hearing protector for your child passengers, we have a huge range of PNR pilot headsets that are comfortable, stylish, durable and easily cleaned. We’ve continued to innovate in PNR technology, with our highly popular SH40-10 retaining an impressive level of passive noise reduction!

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