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SM-1 Microphone system for Hi-Fi Headphones


Do you already own a top quality ANR Hi-Fi headset and thought “Why can’t I use this in the cockpit?

Well now you can with our unique SM-1 headset mic, featuring Electret noise-cancelling microphone.

By simply attaching our top quality Electret microphone and control box to your existing ANR Hi-Fi headphones you can turn them into a state-of-the-art aviation headset at fraction of the cost of the aviation headset you always dreamed of.  What’s more, when you want to use them as Hi-Fi headphones again you can simply remove the mic which is secured by an easy-peel Velcro pad and quick-release tie.

Supplied with a stylish SEHT headset case to protect both your headphones and SM-1.


The SM-1 easily connects to most industry leading hi-fi headphones, converting your active headphones into a world class ANR aviation headset.

  • 5-year SEHT warranty
  • Electret noise-cancelling microphone
  • Easily attaches to most hi-fi headphones
  • Easy to use hand controller
  • Auxiliary input
  • SEHT headset bag
  • Tested with Bose QC25, QC35, QC35II, AKG N60 and all with 2.5 or 3.5mm jack inputs
  • Spare Velcro pads and ties included


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