//SH40-60 Carbon Fibre ANR Headset

SH40-60 Carbon Fibre ANR Headset


New for 2018 is the SEHT SH40 series of headsets. Utilising Carbon Fibre technology we have managed to drastically reduce the weight of the traditional headset while still retaining an impressive performance. Carbon Fibre is not only extremely lightweight it is very strong making it an ideal material for a headset.

Adding superior active noise cancellation to the SH40 series the SH40-60 boasts 44db of combined noise attenuation which, with the 330 grams on head weight, makes this one of the quietest and lightest ANR headsets in its class as well as being one of the most eye catching.


The SH40-60 ANR Headset features superb noise reduction performance for crystal clear radio communication and attractive, light-weight Carbon Fibre shell.

  • 5-year SEHT warranty
  • 44dB NRR
  • Breathable faux kid-leather ear seals as standard
  • Impressive Total attenuation
  • Carbon-Fibre shell headset
  • Lightweight 330gram on head weight
  • 2 x AA batteries

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  1. PILOT Magazine

    Introduced earlier this year, SEHT’s new 40-series headsets break new ground and take the range upmarket from the low priced but well regarded units upon which the British company’s reputation has rapidly been established.

    So light is even the top of the range SH40-80 illustrated that it almost beggars belief that no one else has used carbon fibre, renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio, in an aviation headset until now. The specification boasts 44dB of combined noise attenuation and an ‘on head’ weight of just 330 grams (total weight, including battery pack 515g – for reference, Pilot’s benchmark ANR converted David Clark 10-30 weighs in at 805g). Certainly, the first couple of times we picked up the bag to go flying, the impulse was to check that the SH40-80 was actually inside.

    Bluetooth allows wireless connection to other devices in the cockpit, such as the inevitable smartphone, so those who are minded to will be able to listen to their Spotify library as they fly. The slight downside of this feature is that the rectangular battery box/controller is rather more bulky than the little square unit that comes with the next model down, the non-Bluetooth but otherwise identical SH80- 60. Both models us two AA batteries. For those who are happy to forego ANR altogether, there is the SH40-10, which gives 22dB attenuation. All models in the 40 range have breathable faux kid-leather ear seals as standard. PW

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