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SH40-10 Carbon Fibre Passive Headset Mk II


New for 2018 is the SEHT SH40 series of headsets. Utilising Carbon Fibre technology we have managed to drastically reduce the weight of the traditional headset while still retaining an impressive 22dB of passive noise reduction! We didnt stop there we have utilised our superior and lightweight synthetic leather ear seals as well as designing a smaller noise cancelling electret microphone and thinner boom arm to bring the weight on your head down to an unbelievable 300 grams!!

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The SH40-10 Headset features superb noise reduction performance for crystal clear radio communication and attractive, light-weight Carbon Fibre shell.

  • 5-year SEHT warranty
  • Breathable faux kid-leather ear seals as standard
  • Impressive passive attenuation
  • Carbon-Fibre shell headset
  • Lightweight 260 gram set

1 review for SH40-10 Carbon Fibre Passive Headset Mk II

  1. James O


    Would just like to let you know how happy I am with your product! I bought an SH40-10 last year as a cheaper secondary headset for passengers to use and after giving it a go myself it soon became my go-to – my passengers now get stuck with the DCs instead. Whilst I was training all I saw were DCs and all anybody recommended for a student were DCs but yours are far comfier and clearer – wish I’d picked them up first!

    Thanks, James.

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