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SH30-75 Active Noise Reduction Headset


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SH 30-75 ANR Headset in Classic black gloss features breathable faux kid leather ear seals as standard (photograph shows optional Gel seals fitted. See Accessories and Linked Products below).

Our highest ANR attenuation set, the SH 30-75 has an impressive passive and an additional active attenuation.

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The New SH30-75 features superb noise reduction performance for crystal clear radio communication as well as an auxiliary input boasting Hi-Fi Quality Audio reproduction.

Sporting a new hi gloss design the SH30-75 not only has performance not seen at this level but looks great too.

  • 5-year SEHT warranty
  • Breathable faux kid-leather ear seals as standard
  • Impressive Active Total attenuation
  • Auxillary input cable
  • 2 x AA batteries

1 review for SH30-75 Active Noise Reduction Headset

  1. sayed_1996 (verified owner)

    I have flown with a SH30-75 for around 15 hours now. I am really glad that I chose to purchase this headset.

    The comfort is great, it’s a tight fit on my head but not in a bad way, it has just the right amount to be comfortable and still offer decent PNR. The ANR on it is pretty good, and very good when considering the price. Like most people I wanted either some Bose A20’s or Lightspeed’s but I chose to spend that amount of money on flying hours. The SH30-75 isn’t as good as the Bose or Lightspeed, but it’s more than half the price…

    On the down side, the ear cuffs are a little bulky, however Seht do offer lighter headsets, though it isn’t something something bothers me enough to pay anymore for a different model. I also loved the fact that I saw Simon, whom I’m assuming is the company owner, reply to messages in pilot forums about the headsets on sale. To me it showed that he’s someone that cares about his customers .

    In summary, if you have around £350-£400 to spend on a headset then I’d definitely say pick one from Seht. If you don’t mind having something pre owned, a DC with aftermarket ANR works just as well, but you won’t get the same warranty you get with Seht, which for me, was the deciding factor.

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