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FLYER reviews SH40-60 Mk II

September 17th, 2019|

OCTOBER Issue of Flyer magazine reviews the lightweight carbon fibre SEHT SH40-60 ANR headset! Catch the full review in the magazine!

Ross Turner

September 17th, 2019|

Ex BSB and British talent cup racer 15year old Ross Turner is pleased to announce he'll be wearing Seht SH 40-60 aviation headsets for all his general flying and competition Aerobatics. Ross said "the quality and light weight really impress me. Coming from a racing background I understand the benefits of low weight and high strength and these headsets tick all the boxes"I'd like to thank Simon and Seht for all their help and support.



Leather ear seals and Active Noise Reduction for relaxing, distration-free flying

Whether commercial or private, SEHT’s ANR range of headsets produce clean, clear audio every time, coupled with a super-light ear pressure and advanced gel pads for a relaxed workload.


Check out our Passive range of headsets with competitive pricing for multiple units.

Our passive range of headsets offer superb performance and value for money.


5 Year, No-Quibble Warranty on ALL Headsets




Our diverse range of quality headsets to suit all.

  • The SH50-20 is one of the lightest headsets available and has been completely redesigned from the popular SH50-10. The all new SH50-20 has an adjustable rear headband to aid in comfort and security but we didn't stop there, we moved the transducers out of the ear and put them in the cable so now it is simply a pipe that goes to the ear which coupled with the 3 different size in ear gel inserts that are moulded to the ear shape increases comfort for longer flights. Please note due to its lightweight design the SH50-20 is primarily designed for commercial type operations and use in high noise environment cockpits is not recommended.
  • Based on the amazing SH30-10 the all new SH25-11 is specifically designed for use by younger flyers. Great comfort for smaller heads and impressive noise reduction and audio performance with a nice bright look and at an unbeatable price.
  • At under 200 grammes, the all new SH-10X breaks new boundaries in style, performance and comfort as well as price. Utilising hybrid noise cancelling technology allows us to produce a headset that doesn't rely on heavy clamping forces to reject unwanted cockpit noise.  This means increased comfort for long term use and couple that with superior audio performance the SEHT SH-10X helps make flying a dream.
SH10-X Pilot Magazine, March 2019

“The SH-10X came out with flying colours … it is assuredly up there with the best.”

SH40-10 Flyer Magazine, Summer 2018

“Picking a pair up for the first time, you’ll expect them to be heavier and really notice the reduced mass when you move your head.”

SH40-80, 60 & 10 Pilot Magazine, June 2018

“SEHT’s new 40-series headsets break new ground.”

SH30-75 Flyer Magazine, July 2017

“Throw in a five-year warranty an a no-quibble return scheme, and I reckon the SH30-75 is the best low cost, off the shelf ANR headset we’ve tried.”

SH30-10 Pilot Magazine, September 2017

High Spec, Low Cost; SH30-10: a low cost well regarded passive headset.”

  • Do you already own a top quality ANR Hi-Fi headset and thought "Why can't I use this in the cockpit?" Well now you can with our unique SM-1 headset mic, featuring Electret noise-cancelling microphone. By simply attaching our top quality Electret microphone and control box to your existing ANR Hi-Fi headphones you can turn them into a state-of-the-art aviation headset at fraction of the cost of the aviation headset you always dreamed of.  What's more, when you want to use them as Hi-Fi headphones again you can simply remove the mic which is secured by an easy-peel Velcro pad and quick-release tie. Supplied with a stylish SEHT headset case to protect both your headphones and SM-1.
  • High Quality Padded headset bag with accessory pocket to protect your investment.
  • Foam ear seals for SEHT headsets (pair).

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